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1974-1975                             Record: 11-9-1 Overall 
David Kilgour – Coach, Tom Fujitani Asst. Coach, J. Carteil – Manager, Tim Healy - Manager
Team:  Mike Allegretta, Gary Boyd, Bob Coughlan, Mark Crueger, Ganson Evans, Mike Faught, Glen Ferguson, Simon Gerlin, Cliff Hopkins – Captain, Jim Hoskinson, Charlie Hyatt, Steve Moreno, Peter Nelson, Chris O'Brien, Eddie O'Brien, B. O'Rourke, Brad Pratt, Paul Schluntz, Rick Schluntz, Mike Tarrant, Scott Wallace, Clayton Wolff.

The Wilton Ice Hockey team traveled to Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden in March 1975, playing in the Skuru Cup Tournament, which included a Czech team, a Canadian team, 2 Finnish teams and 2 American teams (the other from VT) and the rest were Swedish teams to total 16 teams.  The trip was put together by George Wallace, who had gone to Yale University.  Yale had taken their hockey team to Sweden earlier that season.  He contacted the Yale coach, Paul Lufkin, and got all the details set up.  The team wasn’t as well prepared as the others, as they had no international experience, but in the end it was an enjoyable and successful trip for all.  The Wilton team was sponsored financially by the Wilton Skating Association.  Funds for the trip were raised by a Skate-A-Thon, the boys’ earnings, their parents’ help and generous companies and service clubs in Wilton.  This year Wilton families also hosted a Swedish high school hockey team, the Linden Hockey Club of Eskiltuna, Sweden, during their 12-day US tour, playing other hockey teams from public and private schools on the East Coast.