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1976-1977                             Record: 12-8-1 Overall
David Kilgour – Coach, Tom Fujitani – Asst. Coach
Team:  B. Brouwer, M. Caragher, P. Cloutier, Bob Coughlan, J. Coughlan, T. Coughlan, M. Crueger, J. Dornseif, Glen Ferguson, H. Ferguson, B. Herren, C. Howe, J. Kaczmarczyk, A. Klotz, B. Lyall, J. Lyall, T. McEwing, Peter Mueller, Peter Nelson, M. Phillips, M. Pressler, Rick Schluntz, M. Stewart, Mike Tarrant – Captain, Kevin Trischett, Jeff Weber.

A Swedish high school hockey team toured the US and was involved in home stays as a part of their experience.  The Wilton Ice Hockey team visited them in Malmo, Sweden and they arranged games for the team in both Malmo and Copenhagen (across the water from Copenhagen.) This was a considered the best European trip in terms of both hockey and what the players got out of it.

AWARDS:  All-FCIAC: Mike Tarrant