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1983-1984                             Record:  8-12 Overall
David Kilgour – Coach, Tom Fujitani – Asst. Coach, S. Harris – Statistician, L. Bufano - Statistician
Team:  C. Brown, D. Coughlan, K. Dartley, P. Ehrler, K. Gebbia, D. Gill, G. Halstead, C. Harris, T. Helmig, R. Helmig, T. Howe, H. Hyatt, C. Kinch, S. Kulla, M. LaGuardia, D. McLaughlin, J. Morgan, R. Nelson, R. Rossi, D. Shank, A. Stewart, G. Voros, K. Young. 

The Varsity Hockey team moved from a bad season last year to a good season this year, and hopefully, next year will prove to be even better. Youth was the one word to describe this year’s team, and something to follow along with the youth is inexperience. “The more inexperienced a player is, the more likely he is to crack in pressure situations. Despite the number of young players on the team, this did not happen very often,” says Coach Kilgour. One reason for this was the strong leadership provided by captain Daren Gill. “The seniors on the team, namely Rick Helmig, Tony Howe, Preston Erlher, and Daren Gill, really did a good job of leading the team.” Said Coach Kilgour. At the beginning of the season the team had set a goal of 10 wins and 10 losses, however, they achieved only an 8-12 record. Next year looks better, as all those players who were “inexperienced” this year, will be experienced next year. “We’ve got a lot of talent in some of these young guys” says Coach Kilgour, “I’m really looking forward to a good season next year.”