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1991-1992                                    Record:5-15 Overall
Charlie Blanchard – Coach, Ed Stevenson – Asst. Coach
Team:  Chip Auger, Doug Banghart, Matt Blanchard – Captain, Aaron Braun, Doug Bryant, Bryan Cortez, G. Daddario, Andy Eckmen, Brooke Gibson – Captain, Tim Jacobs, Jeremy Kessler, A.J. Lisnoff, Steven McAuley, Billy Olson, Joe Polito, Doug Schreiner, Ken Smith, Joe Steinoff, Kevin Vallerie, Matt Willard, Matt Wilson, Adam Wolfman, Scott Wolfman – Captain.

This team this season was anchored by seniors Matt Blanchard, Brooke Gibson, Tim Jacobs, Billy Olson, Joe Polito, Doug Schreiner, Joe Steinoff and Matt Willard who played a key roll in the team's success. The boys played hard with a great desire to win. Although they did not have their most successful season, the team was very dedicated. They worked hard in the practices and in their games. The boys look forward to the next year where they will have many returning players.