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1992-1993                                    Record: 4-13-3 Overall
Charlie Blanchard – Coach, Jeff Beck – Asst. Coach, Ed Stevenson – Asst. Coach, Molly Rice – Manager, Tara Lenich - Manager
Team:  Tucker Alford, Matt Hudson, Carter Humphreys, Dave Kennedy – Captain, Jeremy Kessler, Bill Lenich, Shanon Levenherz, A.J. Lishnoff, Tim Mahon – Captain, Ken Mastro, Chad Moros – Captain, Nick Pagano, Ethan Rice, Joe Seaman, Mike Shulof, Dave Slavin, Matt Wilson, Adam Wolfman, Mike Woods.

The Wilton High School Hockey Team was not able to really come together until the end of the season. In their last three games, the stickmen showed everyone what they were actually capable of. Unfortunately, they waited to the end of the year to explode. This three game winning streak however, could give next year’s team some momentum and help them start the season on a more positive note. “We’re going to build on this for next year”, said Coach Blanchard. “As far as I’m concerned, next season starts tomorrow. If we can get a real commitment from these kids we’re going to go places.” This year’s team only had five seniors, Char Moros, Tim Mahon, A.J Lishnoff, Dave Kennedy and Carter Humphreys. Overall, the team was very young, including six freshman. At times, Coach Blanchard even had three of the freshmen, Ethan Rice, Bill Lenich and Mike Shulof on the second line. Throughout the season the Warriors were plagued by bad breaks and an inability to get enough shots on goal. Also, in the majority of their games the other team scored first, so the stickmen were often faced with an early deficit. Then, of course, there is always the unfortunate injuries. All of those factors became obvious during a mid-season nine game losing streak. Throughout this long season Coach Blanchard always knew that “the kids played hard and gave their all.”