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2009-2010 Girl's Varsity                   Record:  5-12-2
Kerry Leonard – Coach, Meredith Batcheller, Asst. Coach, Chris Kear – Asst. Coach
Team:  Valentina Akbil, Sabrina Bell, Samantha Blicht, Erica DiLello, Kailey Fellows, Daisy Hanna, Jacqueline Hojnacki, Christie Huidekoper, Stefanie Lash, Meaghan Latella, Piper Logan, Hayley McCurdy, Jessica Moh, Erin O'Connell, Kelly Rance, Amy Salvato, Lara Schnitzler - Captain, Rebecca Sheinman, Christina Terradista, Jessica Toll, Emily Tucker, Lindsay Wheeler - Captain, Rachel Williams, Mary Willis.

Everyone knows how much the WHS girls hockey program, which just completed its 2nd season, improved from its inaugural campaign through the end of its sophomore season.  If it wasn’t visible in the straight-forward number of wins or the statistical aspect of the complete season, then at least the Warriors have a trio of postseason accolades to show for it, as well.  Senior Jessica Moh and junior Christie Huidekoper manned the defense in front of junior goaltender Emily Tucker while up front Lara Schnitzler, Sammi Blicht, and Erin O’Connell kept the pressure on the defense. 
Awards:  Founder’s Award:  Stefanie Lash; All-FCIAC First Team:  Sammi Blicht; All-FCIAC Second Team:  Christie Huidekoper and Lara Schnitzler.